Creating a better future in healthcare

Imagine a future where we can quantitatively measure the smallest and most basic components of life, such as: proteins, enzymes, antigens, antibodies, pathogens, and biomarkers. We are at the precipice of major breakthroughs. Our goal and objectives:

  • Quantitative Detection of Infection
  • Quantitative Detection of Levels of Immunity
  • Therapeutic Monitoring
  • Functional Medicine
  • Platform Diagnostics

Join us in a journey towards the future.

Where we are

Abacus™, our diagnostic division, utilizes our patented Quantum Dot technology to develop bio-diagnostic devices for all types of bio-molecules.

  • We have a quantitative Covid19 antibody kit and device

  • We are developing additional bio-diagnostic kits and devices to be used for at-home testing as well as population studies for disease management

Jim Sta. Maria, CEO

Jimi founded NanoHarmonics™. He is incubating a data company and a drug delivery system company to be companion technologies to the  NanoHarmonics biodiagnostics. Currently, NanoHarmonics has offices in the US and the SouthEast Asian Region. The NanoHarmonics US is working with universities, scientists, and laboratories to usher in the next generation bio-diagnostic platform and drug delivery systems. NanoHarmonics Asia is working with some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in that region for research and development, development, and distribution.

“Convergence is a very important word to us. In NanoHarmonics, we could have centered our whole business venture in the development of a rapid and quantitative which is a $ 700 million annual market in itself. But we realized early on that change happens when we look beyond just economic success. Change is all about convergence. It is about convergence of technologies surrounding the atom, the bit, and the cell. The same foundational Quantum Dot technology that we use to measure the levels of Interleukin-6 (IL-6), can be used to measure multitudes of other biomarkers in the human body to improve the way we see and manage health. But that one-dimensional change can be amplified if we used the quantitative results along with data science to help create mathematical models that we can apply to population studies to help manage infectious diseases, long-term effects of infection agents like Covid19 on society, and a host of other predictive models. Applied to advances in drug delivery systems, the measurement of biomarkers accelerates drug development, accurately measures increases in bioavailability of beneficial pharmaceutical active ingredients and on the other side of the spectrum, reductions in side effects. These are convergences of technologies surrounding the atom, the bit, and the cell that we are working on to maximize positive change.

But change is more than just the convergence of technologies. Change is about the convergence of people from different sectors working together to make a better place. Our common place. Working together to make our place better. Change happens when we set aside beliefs, race, culture, geographical divides, and converge towards a common goal, not for self-enrichment, but to enrich everybody else’s journey through life. We’ve developed breakthrough technologies in biomarker quantification using Quantum Dot Technology in NanoHarmonics Inc. We are in the last stages of completing companion Data Platforms to help create predictive models for a healthier society in an information company that we are incubating. And we are using the fusion of both our quantum dot and data technologies to help in the development of better medications in a drug delivery company that is also under incubation.

We are working with global companies, universities, non-profits organizations, and experts in their respective fields to make a difference in private and public health. It’s a big task but…we have cutting-edge technologies. We have the right partners. We have the right team.”

Meet Our Team

A company is only as good as the management team that leads it. Our team has a combined experience and capability to operate and make things happen across borders using various technologies. Some of our team members had worked together in various initiatives for decades. Now we are regrouping to make a difference and save lives.

Justin Jones, President

Justin Jones has over 20 year of experience in the pharmaceutical, genetic, and medical device industries. He is known as a worldwide leader in genetics testing and has built one of the most successful proprietary genetic testing companies in the world as founder of Geneus Health. During his time at Geneus, they became the first company in U.S. history to obtain a full patent on a genetic test known as GARS®.

As healthcare entrepreneur and CEO, Justin has built relationships with some of the most important healthcare institutions in the country including the National Institute of Health, Veterans Affairs, and the National Genome Center in Washington, DC. He has received awards as one of the Top 100 Healthcare Visionaries (IFAH), Pharma Tech Outlook Magazine as one of the top 10 genetics companies in the country, and many other awards and recognitions. Justin has also worked with leading international healthcare entities including the World Health Organization, the CDC, NIH, and structured a partnership with CTI, the largest publicly traded laboratory company in China, to develop their pharmacogenetic testing division.

Justin’s has experience in executive management, marketing, mergers and acquisitions, and many other roles with specialized healthcare companies including ICOS Biotech, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Enzon Pharmaceuticals, Cangene Bio, and Geneus Health. Justin also has a diverse business background in both the U.S. and internationally, including China, Canada, Mexico, Japan, UAE, South Africa, Kuwait, South Africa, Asia, and the United Kingdom. He is a graduate of Texas State University with a M.B.A. from Post University Malcolm Baldridge School of Business.

Willa Leong, Counsel

Willa Leong, a Silicon Valley, California (CA) Lawyer, Attorney – Corporate & Securities, International, Technology Transactions. As a member of the Silicon Valley Investment Club, Willa is a veteran in the SV Startup community. Willa specializes in corporate governance, regulatory issues, contracts review, investment documentation, fundraising & IPOs. Willa has bridge the gap between capital and entrepreneurs in Asia and SV.

Willa Leong, a Silicon Valley, California (CA) Lawyer, Attorney – Corporate & Securities, International, Technology Transactions. As a member of the Silicon Valley Investment Club, Willa is a veteran in the SV Startup community. Willa specializes in corporate governance, regulatory issues, contracts review, investment documentation, fundraising & IPOs. Willa has bridge the gap between capital and entrepreneurs in Asia and SV.


Corporate Counsel of NanoHarmonics

Band Member @ Band of Angels
Corporate and Securities Attorney, Crisis Manager @
Associate Attorney @ Beck, Bismonte & Finley, LLP


2005 – 2007 Doctor of Jurisprudence @ University of Miami School of Law
2001 – 2005 Bachelor of Arts in Business @ University of Notre Dame
Master of Laws in Chinese, Law @ Peking University


Mergers & Acquisitions, Venture Capital, Start-ups, Corporate Law, Private Equity, Securities Regulation, Due Diligence, Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy, Corporate Governance, Securities, Corporate Finance, Joint Ventures, International Law, Capital Markets, Intellectual Property, Cross-border Transactions, Business Planning, Trade Secrets, IPO, Investments, Legal Advice, Litigation, Entertainment Law, Restructuring

Rommel Roque, Director

Rommel is an entrepreneur/businessman with a global mindset and reach. He is concurrently one of the top executives of a Fortune 500 company. NanoHarmonics™ can’t find a better person to jumpstart, expand, and manage its operations in Asia than Rommel. Rommel is well-respected and trusted in various industries, and has managed and continue to manage thousands of employees operating in several countries.

Rommel Gaba Roque has more than 20 years of experience in general management, finance, and sales & marketing. He has held operational and senior positions in engineering, electronics, telecom and HR services. He has extensive global, regional and local experience and has implemented top-level strategies resulting in company turnarounds.

Rommel joined ManpowerGroup in 2007 in its Philippines operation where he launched interfacing systems for key clients. Soon after, he was tapped to head ManpowerGroup’s Borderless Talent Solutions (BTS) offering in one of ManpowerGroup’s largest operations (Japan) while simultaneously assisting ManpowerGroup’s President of Asia Pacific & Middle East. Rommel has worked on designing unique workforce solutions for very large clients. He is the Director for Asia Pacific and Middle East and also leads BTS for the region – managing talent migration across markets within and outside Asia Pacific supporting the company’s innovative workforce solution service lines that include Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Managed Services, Talent-Based Outsourcing and Strategic Workforce Consulting. He is president of Prime Manpower, the Philippine affiliate that connects talent to local and international opportunities and has also been recently appointed as country manager of the Manpower Philippine operation. Rommel is a member of ManpowerGroup’s Global Leadership Team.

From Nihon University in Japan, Rommel holds a Master’s Degree in Marketing & Economics. He is fluent in English, Filipino and Japanese.

  • General Management
  • Finance
  • Negotiations and Contracts

Alex Zhang, Director

Alex has been in the forefront of nanotechnology and biotechnology. As a leading scientist in Asia, Alex pioneered the first Quantitative Dot device in Asia. The engagement with NanoHarmonics started under a co-development and co-ownership of intellectual properties with Jimi that soon evolved with both introducing innovations on the diagnostic device.

Alex Zhang, majoring in biochemistry and molecular biology, High-Level Talent in Shenzhen City,High-Level Talent in Bao’an District.He has a rich experience in medical diagnosis industry.The first to realize the industrialization of quantum dot fluorescence technology in vitro diagnostic reagent, mainly engaged in cardiovascular disease, tumor, inflammation, microorganism, diabetes, etc Diagnosis of various infectious diseases and research of polymer nano-materials.

Alex led the research on one project of Guangdong Provincial Department of science and technology, one project of Dongguan administration of traditional Chinese medicine, one project of Zhanjiang Bureau of science and technology, and one project under the Shenzhen Entrepreneurship Funding Initiative.

Mainly involved in the research of HPV virus signal pathway, the synthesis of quantum dot fluorescent materials and microspheres preparation technology, in vitro diagnostic products technology research and so on.The first time to break through the technical bottleneck of quantum dot technology industrialization in IVD field. Has presided over the development of nearly 40 medical device products, obtained 24 medical device registration certificates and more than 30 patents.

Alex is concurrently the executive deputy general manager of a biomedical group  who is working in partnership with NanoHarmonics in the development of prototypes. Alex is a member of the Guangdong Precision Medicine Application Society, Member of the Sensor Branch of Guangdong Bioengineering Society, and expert member of Medical Transformation Group of Inspection Branch of Guangdong Medical Association.

Gil L. Masiglat, Director

Gil has been in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 30 years and has very strong professional relationships with industry giants in the pharmaceutical space in Asia. He built his expertise in pharmaceutical manufacturing operations as managing director of a pharmaceutical plant in Asia that helped and continue to help save lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gil Masiglat, 57, finished double degree in business management and customs and tariff law. Has built over 20 years of pharmaceutical marketing experience with several multinational companies like Sandoz, Novartis, BASF-Knoll Pharma, Serono Biotech, Abbott laboratories and Leo Pharma. Gil also spent five years as head of Pharmaceutical manufacturing operations; handled the business development operations for another four as business development director of Compact Pharmaceuticals Corporation, a 45 year old manufacturing company based in the Philippines. Gil is also a Director of Zeus Resources Inc. and manages the supply chain for Compact Pharmaceuticals, importation, sourcing and brand management for certain Region in Southeast Asia.

Specialized Skills

  • Production Management in Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Negotiations and finalization of contracts with pharmaceutical and distribution companies for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and medical devices.

Corporate Advisers

John LiSanti, Adviser

John has been a long-time friend, business partner and confidante of Jimi. They’ve worked together in various projects together for more 20 years. John is currently one of the Senior Investment Manager BerkShire Hathaway Drysdale and in charge of putting together big projects that are in the several hundred million dollar range. John brings to the table experience, connectivity, sage advise and true friendship.

Paul Andrews, Adviser

Paul S. Andrews has been a founder in four organizations, two of them for profit, and two nonprofit. During the 1970’s, Mr. Andrews was a founding partner in several widely respected firms in the SF Bay Area. Between 1996 and 2001, Mr. Andrews was one of those who organize a global 501c3 corporation focused on interfaith cooperation. In that capacity he was director of four major global summit conferences, and had full responsibility for operational oversight.

“We have developed a technology that some of my partners said may have world changing implication. But I believe change cannot rely on technology alone. There must be a convergence of science, multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinarian cooperation that is borderless, beyond culture, language and all the usual barriers that divide us. What if we use our differences instead to work together because our differences for contributions, resources, ideas and plans that are unique. Let’s rally around a moral purpose of saving lives – because that is a sentiment that should be common to all of us.”


We have the foundational technology to develop rapid and quantitative diagnostic tests for different biomarkers using Quantum Dots.  Our patented Quantum Dot technology makes our diagnostic tests ideal for immunity level detection, infectious disease management, and biomarker monitoring in both personal health and drug delivery technology.


A companion to our Quantum Dot technology is a secured, encrypted data platform.  Our platform captures and organizes the data necessary to monitor biomarker trends in personal health, expedite drug development through biomarker tracking, and anonymize positive or negative results in infectious disease management.


We are partnering with several pharmaceutical companies to develop novel drug delivery systems.   Through our Quantum Dot diagnostic technology and our data collection platform we can expedite new drugs with higher bioavailability of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and  substantially reduced toxicity and side effects.


Transforming Healthcare Diagnostics

We are pioneers in a technology that can be used to develop bio-diagnostics for almost all kinds of bio-molecules.

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