Quantum Dot Quantitative Diagnostics

The ability to quantify biomarkers will accelerate drug development, serve as a tool to improve the personal health of individuals and public health of societies. The development efforts of the Harmonics Group:

  • Quantitative Covid19 Diagnostics
  • Direct to Consumer Diagnostics
  • Infectious Diseases Diagnostics
  • Insect-borne Diseases Diagnostics
  • Platform Diagnostics

Join us in a journey towards the future.

The Technology

Abacus™, our diagnostic division, utilizes our patented Quantum Dot technology to develop bio-diagnostic devices for all types of biomolecules.

  • Quantum Dots can be bio-conjugated with all types of biomarkers.

  • The bio-conjugated Quantum Dots can be excited after binding with specimens and reagents to give out wavelengths that can be measured and associated with the quantities of the biomarker being tested.

“We have developed a technology that some of my partners said may have world changing implications, but I believe change cannot rely on technology alone. There must be a convergence of science, multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinarian cooperation that is borderless, beyond culture, language and all the usual barriers that divide us. What if we use our differences instead to work together because our differences for contributions, resources, ideas and plans are unique. Let’s rally around a moral purpose of saving lives – because that is a sentiment that should be common to all of us.”

JIMI STA. MARIA, Founder - the Harmonics Group

We have the foundational technology to develop rapid and quantitative diagnostic tests for different biomarkers using Quantum Dots.  Our patented Quantum Dot technology makes our diagnostic tests ideal for immunity level detection, infectious disease management, and biomarker monitoring in both personal health and drug delivery technology.


A companion to our Quantum Dot technology is a secured, encrypted data platform.  Our platform captures and organizes the data necessary to monitor biomarker trends in personal health, expedite drug development through biomarker tracking, and anonymize positive or negative results in infectious disease management.


We are partnering with several pharmaceutical companies to develop novel drug delivery systems.   Through our Quantum Dot diagnostic technology and our data collection platform we can expedite new drugs with higher bioavailability of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and  substantially reduced toxicity and side effects.


Research and Development Team

Meet our team leading the research and development of our Quantum Dot diagnostic devices. We are working on miniaturization, quantification of biomarkers for drug delivery, data integration and anonymization for Infectious Disease management, multi-diagnostics, and other innovations for the next generation of our Quantum Dot devices.

Alex Zhang

Alex is the first in the world to develop a rapid and quantitative Quantum Dot Bio-diagnostics. The foundational technology Alex invented can revolutionize diagnostics because it can be applied to almost all biomarkers in the human body.

Brad Fox

Brad joined NanoHarmonics to handle FDA-regulatory compliance matters but has expanded his involvement as a co-developer in prototypes. As an engineer, Brad is working on micro-fluidics, miniaturization and other innovations for our Quantum Dot kits and devices.

Next Generation Diagnostics

Our supply chain infrastructure include strategic alliances with a global outsourcing company with presence in 80 countries, collaborations with big pharmaceutical distribution companies in the Asia Pacific Region, and a network of relationships in the US in the healthcare industry.

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Our Marketing and Business Development Team

Meet the team managing the commercialization of our bio-diagnostics kits and devices. Through their efforts we have established strategic collaborations, partnerships, and and alliances with major pharmaceutical and diagnostics distribution companies in both the US and in Southeast Asia.

Gil Masiglat

Gil has been in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 30 years. Gil is in charge of closing distribution contracts with major and dominant pharmaceutical companies in Asia.

Todd Hoisek

Todd handles sales and marketing in the US. Todd works with clinics, healthcare provider, and corporations who will benefit from our technology.

Erin Robinson

Erin has been working the healthcare space for more than 10 years. For NanoHarmonics, Erin handles collaborations with multi-national pharmaceutical companies in Asia.

Jack Gilmore

Jack is working to create the online infrastructure to allow thousands of healthcare providers in the US to have access to our technology.


Theresa Espino handles regional sales and marketing of our diagnostics devices for the whole SouthEast Asian Region.

Transforming Healthcare Diagnostics

We are pioneers in a technology that can be used to develop bio-diagnostics for almost all kinds of bio-molecules.

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