Data Saves Lives

Effective therapy relies on accurate and timely diagnostics – the more accurate and timelier, the better the chances for effective treatment. Rapid and quantitative diagnostics is therefore key to the future of medical science.   The convergence of technologies in bio-diagnostics, data management and drug delivery make it possible for major advances toward more effective therapies. Thanks to recent advancements in these technologies, we can now measure biomolecules using nanoparticles, manage data through blockchain, and affect cells in more targeted ways using cutting-edge drug delivery systems.

Data analytics will give us greater insight to manage private and public health more effectively.


Biomarker trends will not only help us manage personal health but public health.  Through anonymized data in a secured system we can better manage infectious diseases.

  • Quantum Dots can be bio-conjugated with all types of biomarkers.

  • The bio-conjugated Quantum Dots can be excited after binding with specimens and reagents to give out wavelengths that can be measured and associated with the quantities of the biomarker being tested.

“We have developed a technology that some of my partners said may have world changing implication. But I believe change cannot rely on technology alone. There must be a convergence of science, multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinarian cooperation that is borderless, beyond culture, language and all the usual barriers that divide us. What if we use our differences instead to work together because our differences for contributions, resources, ideas and plans that are unique. Let’s rally around a moral purpose of saving lives – because that is a sentiment that should be common to all of us.”


We have the foundational technology to develop rapid and quantitative diagnostic tests for different biomarkers using Quantum Dots.  Our patented Quantum Dot technology makes our diagnostic tests ideal for immunity level detection, infectious disease management, and biomarker monitoring in both personal health and drug delivery technology.


A companion to our Quantum Dot technology is a secured, encrypted data platform.  Our platform captures and organizes the data necessary to monitor biomarker trends in personal health, expedite drug development through biomarker tracking, and anonymize positive or negative results in infectious disease management.


We are partnering with several pharmaceutical companies to develop novel drug delivery systems.   Through our Quantum Dot diagnostic technology and our data collection platform we can expedite new drugs with higher bioavailability of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and  substantially reduced toxicity and side effects.


In Incubation

We are incubating BitHarmonics Inc., a companion data platform for the Quantum Dot Bio-diagnostics. Information is only useful if it is organized and managed. Our bio-diagnostics produces a number that we will transform as a tool that can be used to track biomarker trends of individuals but more importantly create data points to help understand and manage infectious diseases. – Jimi Sta. Maria, Founder (GeneHarmonics Inc, NanoHarmonics Inc., and BitHarmonics, Inc.)