Creating a better future in healthcare

Imagine a future where we can quantitatively measure the smallest and most basic components of life, such as: proteins, enzymes, antigens, antibodies, pathogens, and biomarkers. We are at the precipice of major breakthroughs. GeneHarmonics, the parent company of NanoHarmonics, Inc, has been developing and has developed working prototypes in the following areas:

  • Quantitative Detection of Infection
  • Quantitative Detection of Levels of Immunity
  • Therapeutic Monitoring
  • Functional Medicine
  • Platform Diagnostics

Join us in a journey towards the future.

Where we are

Abacus™, our diagnostic division, utilizes our patented Quantum Dot technology to develop bio-diagnostic devices for all types of bio-molecules.  The following Abacus™ tests have completed clinical trials:

  • Sepsis 

  • Quantitative Covid-19 Antigen 

  • Covid-19 Neutralizing Antibody

Abacus™ has a pipeline of additional bio-diagnostic tests for at home use as well as population studies for disease management.

“Convergence is a very important word to the Harmonics Group.  But we realized early on that change happens when we look beyond just economic success. Change is all about convergence. It is about convergence of technologies surrounding the atom, the bit, and the cell. The foundational Quantum Dot technology  can be used to measure multitudes of other biomarkers in the human body to improve the way we see and manage health. But that one-dimensional change can be amplified if we used the quantitative results along with data science to help create mathematical models that we can apply to population studies to help manage infectious diseases, long-term effects of an infectious agent like Covid19 on society, and a host of other predictive models. Applied to advances in drug delivery systems, the measurement of biomarkers accelerates drug development, accurately measures increases in bioavailability of beneficial pharmaceutical active ingredients and on the other side of the spectrum, reductions in side effects. These are convergences of technologies surrounding the atom, the bit, and the cell that we are working on to maximize positive change.

But change is more than just the convergence of technologies. Change is about the convergence of people from different sectors working together to make a better place. Our common place. Working together to make our place better. Change happens when we set aside beliefs, race, culture, geographical divides, and converge towards a common goal, not for self-enrichment, but to enrich everybody else’s journey through life. We’ve developed breakthrough technologies in biomarker quantification using Quantum Dot Technology in GeneHarmonics Inc. We are in the last stages of completing companion Data Platforms in BitHarmonics Inc. to help create predictive models for a healthier society in an information company that we are incubating. And we are using the fusion of both our quantum dot and data technologies to help in the development of better medications in a drug delivery company that is also under incubation.

We are working with global companies, universities, non-profits organizations, and experts in their respective fields to make a difference in private and public health. It’s a big task but…we have cutting-edge technologies. We have the right partners. We have the right team.”


“We have developed technologies that could have world-changing implications, but I believe change cannot rely on technology alone. There must be a convergence of science, multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinarian cooperation that is borderless, beyond culture, language and all the usual barriers that divide us. What if we use our differences instead to work together because our differences for contributions, resources, ideas and plans are unique. Let’s rally around a moral purpose of saving lives – because that is a sentiment that should be common to all of us.”


We have the foundational technology to develop rapid and quantitative diagnostic tests for different biomarkers using Quantum Dots.  Our patented Quantum Dot technology makes our diagnostic tests ideal for immunity level detection, infectious disease management, and biomarker monitoring in both personal health and drug delivery technology.


A companion to our Quantum Dot technology is a secured, encrypted data platform.  Our platform captures and organizes the data necessary to monitor biomarker trends in personal health, expedite drug development through biomarker tracking, and anonymize positive or negative results in infectious disease management.


We are partnering with several pharmaceutical companies to develop novel drug delivery systems.   Through our Quantum Dot diagnostic technology and our data collection platform we can expedite new drugs with higher bioavailability of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and  substantially reduced toxicity and side effects.


Transforming Healthcare Diagnostics

We are pioneers in a technology that can be used to develop bio-diagnostics for almost all kinds of bio-molecules.

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