Reliable Data Will Save Lives

Our experience during this Covid19 Pandemic shows a need for organized data to effectively manage a crisis. A straightforward scientific approach to data management can prevent and minimize infection rates and deaths. What we intend to do:

  • Pilot Data Collection Projects in Sample Populations
  • Quantitative Detection of Biomolecules
  • Anonymized Data Collection
  • Secure Data Processing and Management
  • Data Fidelity through Blockchain


Where we are

We have put together a team to map-out datapoints related to insect-borne diseases.

  • We are developing a rapid bio-diagnostics that can be deployed in out-of-reach areas of the world.
  • We are participating in the development of a companion data platform for the project.

Making A Difference

NanoHarmonics Applied Sciences LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NanoHarmonics Inc. In line with its mission to saves lives, NanoHarmonics created Applied Sciences (AS) to bring to society novel products and technologies that can help mitigate the spread of diseases. Currently, AS is working on two major products after successfully securing their regional and/or global distribution rights. The first one is a US patented persistent sanitizer that kills viruses and bacteria for hours and days.

AS is also currently launching an initiative that will help mitigate the spread of mosquito-borne illnesses – considered the number one killer in the world. AS shall be bringing to the world. Starting equatorial countries in Asia, a US patented anti-mosquito paint that repels mosquitoes and kills 95% of mosquitoes that lands on it for a period of 3 years. Aside from commercializing the product as an additional layer of protection for families to real estate developers and governments, AS is launching a data collection initiative (XMOSQ Project). The XMOSQ Project will create data points that will drive future policies in mitigating mosquito-borne diseases. The XMOSQ Project shall be operationalized in partnership with Internationally renowned non-governmental organizations, top entomologists and scientists as well as a global outsourcing company to collect and manage data generated. NanoHarmonics Inc shall develop bio-diagnostics that will be utilized in affected communities to generate additional important data points.

Our XMOSQ Project Team

Zak Kennedy, Project Leader

Zak has worked for over a decade as a government relations professional and political strategist which is given to making strategic relationships across the US. In addition to political work, he has deep roots in the agricultural university network and worldwide coop groups. Zak has extensive experience in international logistics including import/export. He has a background in the development of data platforms.

Agnes Bolanos, Project Leader

Agnes is the Executive Director of AADC. She is a finance professional with fields of specialization in community economic development, coalition building and leadership formation, community-managed enterprise organizing, networking and private sector linkage building, project and financial management. Among others, she is affiliated with Learning and Performance Institute of UK, Philippines Australia Human Resources and Organizational Development Facility and CARE International-Asia.

Theresa Espino, Project Leader

Ma. Theresa Marañon-Espino is an industrial engineer by profession. She pursued corporate work with San Miguel Corporation, one of the industry leaders in the Philippines and Asia. She rose from staff to managerial roles in sales information with stints across domestic, division and international operations. Her industry experience was quite substantial when she left the corporate world and eventually joined the academe in her hometown.

John Stark, Chief Scientist

Dr. John Stark is the Director of the Washington Stormwater Center at the WSU Puyallup Research & Extension Center and a member of the Puget Sound Partnership Science Panel. His research deals with protection of endangered species and ecological risk assessment of pollutants. John is also a population modeler and has developed population-level risk assessments based on matrix models and differential equation models.

Doug Thomas, Scientific Adviser

Doug has a Ph.D in Molecular Immunology, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX, B.S. Pharmacology, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA. Doug has over 25 years of experience in the biotech industry working within core research, process development, manufacturing, operational/project management, and business development/commercialization. Doug has been collaborating with NanoHarmonics Inc. for years now in the fields of bio-diagnostics, drug delivery systems and others.

“We have the technology. What we seem to be lacking is cooperation. Incoherent and unreliable information, during a crisis, divided us instead of rallying us into a common solution. There are ways to avoid this in the future but we need to build the infrastructure now behind technologies that we already have. And we will. Alea Jacta Est.”


Mapping Healthcare Data

In a pandemic, real numbers and data will clear all confusion.

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