Companion Data Platform and Infrastructure

Jimi Sta. Maria is incubating a companion data company for the Quantum Dot Diagnostics Devices of NanoHarmonics, Inc.. The Data company will be named BitHarmonics Inc. BitHarmonics, Inc is currently being incorporated in the State of Delaware. Jimi Sta. Maria will structure BitHarmonics to give minority position to NanoHarmonics Inc. The incorporation of BitHarmonics as a separate company, and the vesting os between 15% to 20% ownership in issued shares to NanoHarmonics are strategic moves that consider present and future dynamics for both companies.

BitHarmonics is developing the companion data platform and data infrastructure for the Quantum Dot diagnostics. But the data infrastructure will be more than just a companion data platform for the Quantum Dot diagnostics of NanoHarmonics. It is being designed to have the capability to sync with other bio-diagnostic devices. The platform will be blockchain integrated for security, encryption and data fidelity.

The platform will model the trends of biomarkers for personal health monitoring but also behavior of infectious diseases in a population setting. Data aggregation will be a feature of the infrastructure that will allow to organize anonymized data for specific needs – subjects for clinical trials for new drugs based on ethnicity or geographical location, the spread of pathogens in the population setting and the movement of pathogens to neighboring communities,, and organized data points that are not available today.

BitHarmonics, Inc shall bring in partners who have been leading innovators in data science and blockchain technology as well as experts from leaders from the academic and the data science world.

We have the foundational technology to develop rapid and quantitative diagnostics tests for different biomarkers using Quantum Dots. The quantitative features as well as the accuracy levels of our tests make them ideal for immunity level detection, biomarker monitoring in drug development, infectious diseases management through population studies for predictive models, and  biomarkers trends monitoring for personal health.


We are developing a companion secured and encrypted data platform for our Quantum Dot diagnostics. Numerical data from test results will be organized and managed to allow people to monitor trends of biomarkers associated with their health concerns, anonymized positive or negative population data for infectious diseases management, and monitor biomarkers to accelerate drug development for pharmaceutical companies.


We are partnering with several companies who bring novel drug delivery systems that will benefit from our Quantum Dot diagnostics technology and our data platform to participate in population studies that we are spearheading to create predictive models for infectious diseases.  We are helping in the formulation of  new drugs with potential increases in the bioavailability of beneficial APIs while substantially reducing toxicity and side effects.