NanoHarmonics Asia

NanoHarmonics Asia is Gaining Speed 

NanoHarmonics Asia, Inc., headquartered in Rockwell Center, one of the most prestigious financial districts in Manila in the Philippines, is aggressively building the supply chain, distribution, research and development, and other strategic partnerships in that part of the world.

Headed by its directors, Rommel Roque and Gil Masiglat, NanoHarmonics was able to tap into existing relationships forged over a thirty-year period by the partners individually and collectively. The infrastructure means immediate distribution, toll manufacturing, regulatory applications, research and development of drug delivery system now. Now and not after months of negotiations and discussions.

Gil has started discussions with one of the most dominant distribution channels in the Asian Pacific region that is operating in more than 10 countries with annual revenues of more than $ 100 Billion and control of more than 60% of the market. The discussions has already resulted in a signed letters of intent waiting just on commercial details for a more formal commercial contract.

Gil has signed an NDA that will lead to an agreement to do clinical trials on novel molecules re-compounded with existing drugs to increase bio-availability of beneficial APIs as well as reduce or even eliminate those that adversely affect patients. A contract is expected to be finalized within April of 2022 if not earlier.

In the business-side of things, Rommel started discussions with potential strategic partners, equity partners and other groups that can create synergies with NanoHarmonics in the SouthEast Asian Region.

NanoHarmonics Asia, Inc is coordinating efforts with partners in Singapore, the Philippines and China. NanoHarmonics Asia, Inc. is also collaborating with AADC and ManpowerGroup Philippines in support of the proposed population study that will be conducted in Bukidnon Province in the Philippines, a province that declared a Dengue Pandemic between 2016 to 2019.

The names of the pharmaceutical companies that we will be partnered with will be disclosed after the finalization of agreements with them.

We have the foundational technology to develop rapid and quantitative diagnostics tests for different biomarkers using Quantum Dots. The quantitative features as well as the accuracy levels of our tests make them ideal for immunity level detection, biomarker monitoring in drug development, infectious diseases management through population studies for predictive models, and  biomarkers trends monitoring for personal health.


We are developing a companion secured and encrypted data platform for our Quantum Dot diagnostics. Numerical data from test results will be organized and managed to allow people to monitor trends of biomarkers associated with their health concerns, anonymized positive or negative population data for infectious diseases management, and monitor biomarkers to accelerate drug development for pharmaceutical companies.


We are partnering with several companies who bring novel drug delivery systems that will benefit from our Quantum Dot diagnostics technology and our data platform to participate in population studies that we are spearheading to create predictive models for infectious diseases.  We are helping in the formulation of  new drugs with potential increases in the bioavailability of beneficial APIs while substantially reducing toxicity and side effects.