The NanoHarmonics-Avagen Merger

NanoHarmonics on Drug Delivery Systems

NanoHarmonics Inc., in line with its strategic plan of integrating cutting-edge drug delivery system along with its QDot bio-diagnostic devices and data platform, merged with Avagen Pharma. NANOHARMONICS INC. now owns 100% of Avagen Pharma Inc.  Avagen is the global licensee of a protein and lipid stabilization technology drugs. The technology is considered to be the next generation of the technology used to develop Abraxane, a drug that precipitated the sale of its parent company, Abraxis Bioscience, to Celgene for $ 2.9 Billion in 2009.

NanoHarmonics which will be the parent company start discussions with US and Asian pharmaceutical companies to develop and/or reformulate other drugs with increased bio-availability of beneficial compounds as well as reduced or even eliminated toxicity or side effects. Being considered for RND are Anti-Malarial Drugs, Drugs for Tuberculosis and infectious diseases.They are also in discussion with a group of scientists out of Palo Alto, for possible collaboration on a drug for early stage Covid19 infections.

Jimi Sta. Maria, Chairman and CEO of NanoHarmonics Inc. said “This is an exciting time for us. I don’t believe that nanotechnology, biotechnology and information technology are mutually exclusive from each other. They are converging technologies that will usher in the future advances in medical science.” Justin Jones, President of NanoHarmonics couldn’t agree more, “We need predictive models that can fight infectious diseases. This merger strengthens our position to be one of the companies working on three convergent technologies all at the same time to improve healthcare.”

“That our generation has the capability to work with the smallest kernels of our existence is truly astounding. To use atoms to measure biomarkers…then to use bits to organize and secure the data into useful information…then use those information to develop drug delivery systems that will benefit mankind. It’s the convergence of technologies based on discoveries surrounding the atom, the bit, and the cell that will drive the next technological revolution in our society.”


We have the foundational technology to develop rapid and quantitative diagnostics tests for different biomarkers using Quantum Dots. The quantitative features as well as the accuracy levels of our tests make them ideal for immunity level detection, biomarker monitoring in drug development, infectious diseases management through population studies for predictive models, and  biomarkers trends monitoring for personal health.


We are developing a companion secured and encrypted data platform for our Quantum Dot diagnostics. Numerical data from test results will be organized and managed to allow people to monitor trends of biomarkers associated with their health concerns, anonymized positive or negative population data for infectious diseases management, and monitor biomarkers to accelerate drug development for pharmaceutical companies.


We are partnering with several companies who bring novel drug delivery systems that will benefit from our Quantum Dot diagnostics technology and our data platform to participate in population studies that we are spearheading to create predictive models for infectious diseases.  We are helping in the formulation of  new drugs with potential increases in the bioavailability of beneficial APIs while substantially reducing toxicity and side effects.