NanoHarmonics Partners with A Major US University

Partnering with Academic Institutions

NanoHarmonics Inc. is finalizing a partnership agreement with a major US University (name to be disclosed upon the finalization of the partnership agreement).

The partnership will be centered around the following major areas of collaborations:

The co-development of specific NanoHarmonics Quantitative Kits and Devices starting with a portable rapid quantitative Malaria diagnostics device that can be deployed in remote areas where the incidence of Malaria is most prevalent.
The co-development of the Data Platform as well as the Data Center that can be used to help create predictive and mitigation models that can be used to help fight future pandemics and and present-day infectious diseases.

  • The co-development of the Multiplex Assay designed by the NanoHarmonics team.
  • The co-development of a miniaturized version of our existing devices.
    Verification and Validations (pre-clinical and clinical).

The partnership will not be limited to pure research and development but will also undertake actual deployments in the commercial markets of the converging technologies in diagnostics, data science, and drug delivery systems to usher in the major shifts in the landscape of the health industry.

We view the partnership as synergistic. NanoHarmonics and its companies will bring the foundational technologies in Quantum-Dot diagnostics, Blockchain-based Data Infrastructure, Nanotechnology-based Drug Delivery Systems, commercialization infrastructure in the US and Asia, and global strategic partners that can operationalize population studies in more than 50 countries.

The University brings access to experts in the academic world that will accelerate the deployment of technologies that can help save lives. The University will provide expertise in Microfluidics, Engineering, Industrial Design, biomarkers identification and isolation for bio-conjugation with Q-dots to accelerate drug development, biomarkers identification and isolation for the development of assays, and many more.

While NanoHarmonics is not dependent on non-dilution capitalization, collectively, NanoHarmonics and the University shall pursue Grants to fund specific initiatives and/or projects. The partnership is expected to be finalized by April 2022.

We have the foundational technology to develop rapid and quantitative diagnostics tests for different biomarkers using Quantum Dots. The quantitative features as well as the accuracy levels of our tests make them ideal for immunity level detection, biomarker monitoring in drug development, infectious diseases management through population studies for predictive models, and  biomarkers trends monitoring for personal health.


We are developing a companion secured and encrypted data platform for our Quantum Dot diagnostics. Numerical data from test results will be organized and managed to allow people to monitor trends of biomarkers associated with their health concerns, anonymized positive or negative population data for infectious diseases management, and monitor biomarkers to accelerate drug development for pharmaceutical companies.


We are partnering with several companies who bring novel drug delivery systems that will benefit from our Quantum Dot diagnostics technology and our data platform to participate in population studies that we are spearheading to create predictive models for infectious diseases.  We are helping in the formulation of  new drugs with potential increases in the bioavailability of beneficial APIs while substantially reducing toxicity and side effects.