2022-03-20T17:06:31-05:00March 20th, 2022|

Your Content Goes Here Drug Delivery Systems Jimi Sta. Maria is incubating GeneHarmonics Inc. to complete the ABC of converging technologies that will usher in major innovations for the future. A stands for the ATOM which is represented by the Quantum Dot technology being used for its diagnostics devices, B stands [...]

NanoHarmonics Asia

2022-03-23T07:29:17-05:00March 20th, 2022|

Your Content Goes Here NanoHarmonics Asia is Gaining Speed  NanoHarmonics Asia, Inc., headquartered in Rockwell Center, one of the most prestigious financial districts in Manila in the Philippines, is aggressively building the supply chain, distribution, research and development, and other strategic partnerships in that part of the world. Headed by its [...]


2022-03-20T16:12:28-05:00March 20th, 2022|

Your Content Goes Here Companion Data Platform and Infrastructure Jimi Sta. Maria is incubating a companion data company for the Quantum Dot Diagnostics Devices of NanoHarmonics, Inc.. The Data company will be named BitHarmonics Inc. BitHarmonics, Inc is currently being incorporated in the State of Delaware. Jimi Sta. Maria will structure BitHarmonics [...]

Top Eco-Toxicologist and Entomologist

2022-07-17T13:54:23-05:00March 20th, 2022|

Your Content Goes Here A Top Scientist Joined GeneHarmonics Project  GeneHarmonics Inc., the parent company of NanoHarmonics, as one of the participants in the population study that is aimed at developing datapoints to create predictive models to help fight future pandemics and present-day infectious diseases, started collaborations with John Stark, PhD of Washington [...]

Development Path

2022-07-17T14:46:12-05:00March 20th, 2022|

Your Content Goes Here Working to Usher in the Future  Covid-19 will be with us for a long time. One obvious reason is because of the rapid ways the virus mutates. Another is the direct admittance of vaccine developers about the reduced efficacies of their own respective products over time coupled [...]

NanoHarmonics Partners with A Major US University

2022-03-21T11:46:39-05:00March 20th, 2022|

Your Content Goes Here Partnering with Academic Institutions NanoHarmonics Inc. is finalizing a partnership agreement with a major US University (name to be disclosed upon the finalization of the partnership agreement). The partnership will be centered around the following major areas of collaborations: The co-development of specific NanoHarmonics Quantitative Kits and [...]

Rapid and Quantitative Tests

2022-03-20T15:10:03-05:00November 2nd, 2016|

In a societal setting, “Early Detection Tests” may spell the difference between managing and controlling the Covid-19 Pandemic and allowing it to go berserk. For individuals, early detection may spell the difference between life and death...[excerpt...]

The Wonderful NanoWorld

2022-03-18T20:59:45-05:00November 2nd, 2016|

Size matters. In the case of nano-technology, elements broken down into their smallest particles exhibits unique properties that can benefit humankind in ways that the same elements in bulk sizes cannot. The National Nanotechnology Initiative indicates that matter or elements on a nano-scale exhibits unusual physical, chemical and biological properties...[excerpt...]

Convergence and Opportunity

2022-03-18T21:29:40-05:00November 2nd, 2016|

Technological innovations and progress is achieved whenever a convergence of existing technologies in addition to new ones are fused together and engineered to create new inventions. All the technology to create quantitative devices that are accurate to the cellular level exists...[excerpt...]

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